Gilead Watch

photo credit: Pills via photopin (license)
photo credit: Pills via photopin (license)


As we watch the unfolding earnings season, we are anxiously awaiting Gilead (GILD) to report later this month.

The biotech giant has underperformed the Biotech indices thus far this year, but we are encouraged by analysts expectations. Citigroup analysts Yaron Werber and Kumaraguru Raja indicate that the company’s Hep C sales are tracking ahead of schedule for 1Q2015 and they have issued a buy rating with a $120 price target.

We are curious to see how the accounting will be done for discounts on Hep C drugs, this seems to be a point of contention among analysts.

Consensus has Gilead earning $2.16 a share for the quarter with total revenue of $7.9 Billion.