Private Wealth Management

Temenos was the inner sanctuary of the temples of the ancient Greeks, a place of shelter and security, walled off from the chaos of the external world.The role of financial planning and investment management, as we practice it, is to create a metaphorical Temenos, a safe place where financial and investment decisions can be made with complete objectivity and confidence.

Temenos Advisory is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm offering financial planning and investment management services to individuals and families, as well as small and mid-sized companies. Combining the best of the old and new ages, we draw on the latest communications and information technology to ensure state-of-the-art financial and investment advice. Yet, we retain the advantages and amenities of the small, traditional firm, including highly personalized service and flexibility. We proactively monitor portfolio positions on a daily basis in our diligent determination to meet client needs in the face of change in economic environments, and we routinely focus on creating the necessary cohesion and venue for successful multi-generational wealth management.

We work as a coordinated, cohesive team to offer extraordinarily personalized and comprehensive support to our clients. Our goal is to enhance the financial well being of our clients utilizing the most powerful analytical tools, a carefully defined and rigorous methodology as well as disciplined application of insight gained through our combined 60 years of investment experience.  We know our clients well and long term, and tenaciously guard their wealth with skill, integrity and insight.